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Repair standards: alongside satisfying the restoration values above, manage a 2.5 collective GPA.

Repair standards: alongside satisfying the restoration values above, manage a 2.5 collective GPA.

A number of fund honours:В This award might end up being in combination with more outside fees scholarships providing it won’t go beyond the money necessary for tuition. It cannot get joined with different merit-based college tuition grants offered at NAU (the p world Baccalaureate fund would be the best difference).

Coconino First Fund Accordion Closed

Honor amount: $1,000 per educational spring for two main several years

Selection/Eligibility: citizens of Coconino district participating in the Flagstaff university

Restoration considerations: and fulfilling the typical renewal element more, manage a 2.75 collective GPA

This prize might put on towards tuition, on-campus construction, or meal plan expense.

Arizona Academic Decathlon Fund Accordion Closed

Honor numbers: $2,000 per scholastic seasons (fall season and spring)

Supply: as much as four consecutive a very long time, fall season and early spring semesters just, provided the student suits the revival factor every single year. Amount of semesters/years was contingent upon academic stage when scholar moves to NAU.

A way to apply: The Illinois educational Decathlon Association selects the individuals.

Due date: consideration has to college students that publish their particular program by Aug. 1 for drop and Dec. 1 for fountain.

Choices: Participation from inside the Arizona scholastic Decathlon–either territorial or state–for 2 or more many years is.

Qualification: Illinois customers simply

Revival Conditions: Additionally to achieving the normal renewal standards higher, look after a 2.5 collective GPA and complete 30 credits every academic seasons.

Several fund awards: This honor might as well as other outdoors fees scholarships provided it will not surpass the price college tuition. It can’t be in addition to some other merit-based university fees grants offered at NAU (the p worldwide Baccalaureate fund might just exclusion).

West Undergraduate Trade.

Proprietors Non-resident Silver College Tuition Scholarship Accordion Closed

Honor quantity:В $6,000 per scholastic seasons (fall and early https://datingmentor.org/nudist-dating/ spring)

Choice: 3.5-4.0 unweighted key highschool GPA. work and SAT sample score aren’t essential for primary assessment.

Qualifications: Western Undergraduate Trade college students simply

Restoration values: In addition to fulfilling the reccommended restoration conditions earlier, keep a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Several grant honours: This honor could be joined with various other outdoors university fees scholarships so long as it doesn’t go beyond the cost of college tuition. It can’t end up being as well as various other merit-based university fees grants offered at NAU (the p Foreign Baccalaureate fund may be the just exclusion).

Creators Non-resident Blue Fees Grant Accordion Closed

Honor level:В $5,000 per scholastic 12 months (fall and spring season)

Option: 3.0-3.49 unweighted heart highschool GPA. function and SAT sample scores will not be essential for primary assessment.

Qualifications: West Undergraduate Change students simply

Repair Criteria:В Besides meeting the revival requirements earlier, maintain a 2.75 collective GPA.

Numerous scholarship honours: This award can be combined with some other external fees grants provided it generally does not surpass the buying price of university fees. It can’t generally be mixed with other merit-based tuition scholarships offered by NAU (the p worldwide Baccalaureate grant would be the merely exception).

Out-of State (non-WUE)

p Quality Non-Resident Fees Grant Accordion Closed

Prize level:В $11,000 per academic yr (drop and jump)

Option: 3.5-4.0 unweighted main large schoolВ GPA. В ACT and SAT examination results are not necessary for primary assessment.

Eligibility: Non-residents best (Non-WUE eligible)

Renewal requirement: and fulfilling the normal renewal conditions earlier, manage a 3.0 collective GPA

A number of scholarship honors: This honor tends to be along with various other outside the house tuition grants assuming that it doesn’t go beyond the buying price of training. It cannot end up being along with additional merit-based tuition scholarships provided by NAU (the p world Baccalaureate scholarship might just different).

p Non-Resident College Tuition Grant Accordion Closed

Prize quantity:В $9,000 per educational 12 months (drop and early spring)

Choices: 3.0-3.49В unweighted twelfth grade key GPA. В operate and SAT test results may not be essential for first assessment.

Qualification: Non-residents only (Non-WUE suitable)

Repair element: along with meeting the reccommended repair standards previously, uphold a 3.0 collective GPA.

A number of grant prizes: This prize are mixed with some other exterior fees grants provided that it doesn’t surpass the cost of university fees. It cannot end up being combined with various other merit-based training grants offered by NAU (the p Foreign Baccalaureate scholarship certainly is the merely exemption).

Some Other

p International Baccalaureate (IB) Grant Accordion Closed

Honor measure: $5,000 per educational 12 months (autumn and fountain)

Collection: The IB diploma is actually grant to students which secure no less than 24 details, dependent on some smallest degrees of abilities across the complete course and great involvement within the creativity, action, and solution requirement. The maximum a Diploma system individual can make are 45 pointers.

Eligibility: Arizona customers and non-residents (such as WUE pupils)

Restoration Criteria: and fulfilling the overall revival element higher, look after a 2.75 cumulative GPA.

A number of fund funds: This prize may coupled with more tuition scholarships provided that it won’t go beyond the sourcing cost of the away county portionВ of fees.

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