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Claiming “I like you” suggests nearly the same as in just about any more relationship, especially since

Claiming “I like you” suggests nearly the same as in just about any more relationship, especially since

I am constantly upfront from beginning about not claiming they lightly like some individuals

Providing more perspective as asked: once we have a symmetrical style of polyamory (do not date other individuals, we commit and remain devoted to whomever is within the union), we’re versatile on how we date together, if an individual individual isn’t readily available the other 2 merely head out anywhere while the individual that got active is welcomed to join, we basically share life for the 3 people. This person is relatively brand new (very nearly per year) but was increasingly staying at all of our put, we discuss every little thing, we have now talked-about the next for the 3 folks collectively, she continues to have her very own house though.

My personal long-standing sweetheart and I was (not so earnestly) taking care of additional girls considering that the start, it begun early because she opened up in my opinion about are bisexual, I already knew because we had been buddies for many years and outdated other individuals before we outdated, thus I took it as a note, a “don’t ignore I additionally fancy ladies” types of indication, to which I happened to be very okay with, currently got enjoy anyway. I became clear I didn’t like fooling around and she arranged, so others we outdated would need to be somebody whom planned to getting with the the two of us. We failed to also was required to negotiate, it was not even a problem. We did not hurry into that, we really liked being precisely the two of us. Therefore, from time to time one would see close to united states not for very long, various objectives, various tactics of just what love implies and includes, didn’t exercise. But this individual differs, we’ve all developed a particular connection.

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I became thought the proper approach might possibly be asking my long-standing girlfriend if she already thought similar, I currently viewed all the signs that produce apparent she actually is in love with our brand-new friend. We could get her with each other to an excellent place and tell this lady around, or agree with my gf to tell this lady individually similar time on various circumstances produced unique in different ways, and soon after through the night take the girl to a pleasant location using the 3 people to enjoy.

But i must say i have no knowledge about that. I don’t know if it is the best method.

Please don’t address things like “what if she does not say it straight back” because we don’t be concerned about that. She’s going to state they if she feels exactly the same way whenever she still doesn’t, we’re not getting pressure, you don’t have to rush things, i am most positive she likes united states back once again however.

Unsure if this assists, however opportunity ago I found myself on the other side with the formula, with a slight change because I am not bisexual and neither is the guy in this partnership, we didn’t get that far but we hanged out along and that I spent lots of time at their unique put. I’m sure from enjoy in that situation in which you are the one planning to take does not have you considerably useful, I understand because when they separated they sort of fought about whom would “keep me”. I happened to be greatly crazy about each of all of them, i’dnot have cared as long as they had explained individually or collectively as long as the 3 people stayed collectively, but that’s just me personally, that’s why I’m asking for seasoned advice. They ended up informing me personally individually when they broke up, that was a boomer, cardio smashed to smithereens, but that’s a complete various tale.

How to inform all of our new partner “I love your” in a way that doesn’t to destroy the girl connection with the relationship, or make the woman feeling odd/awkward?

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